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Mobile Demonstration System

This educational demonstration unit converts food wastes into clean delicious seafood. It also produces potting soil, renewable energy, and clean water. This represents a new form of sustainable agriculture that can resolve many of the problems created by climate change, environmental pollution, and rising human populations.

The bioreactor converts food wastes and wood chips into a microbial biomass.

This biomass is cycled through a worm farm where the solids are filtered out and the microbes consumed by the worms.

Worm farm material is screened and separated into; worms to feed the fish, potting soil, and high energy residual wood chips for energy production.

Worm Farm effluent is converted into clean water for the Fish Tank or discharge as a high quality permitted effluent.

Soluble Fish Tank wastes are cleaned by perched Wood Chip Filters and solid wastes are recycled back to the Bioreactor.

There is NO Waste!

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