About TimberFish

TimberFish is a new ecotechnology that is environmentally sound and economically competitive in today’s marketplace.

The TimberFish Technology locally produces contaminant free seafood from currently unused nutrients and nonagricultural plant materials such as wood chips. The nutrients are contained in food wastes, and in the residuals from the production, processing, and consumption of food. The plant materials are sustainably harvested from diversified ecosystems such as forests, woodlots, and grasslands.

The proprietary TimberFish process grows microbes, which are fed to invertebrates, which are then fed to fish and shrimp. It also produces animal feeds and feed ingredients, microbe rich soil amendments and potting soils, renewable energy substrates, clean water for reuse or permitted discharge, and clean air with no odor or greenhouse gases other than carbon dioxide, which is recaptured by the plants which are the source of the plant material inputs to the system. The sale of these products generates a revenue stream that incentivizes reducing food waste and environmental pollution while promoting reforestation and deforestation avoidance. There is no waste.

As a demonstration of this technology TimberFish has constructed a commercial pilot system at the Five & 20 Spirits & Brewing facility in Westfield, New York. This facility has grown rainbow trout, channel catfish, yellow perch, largemouth bass, and freshwater shrimp, while recycling and treating all solid and dissolved wastes, and discharging a high quality effluent under strict permits issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

TimberFish also has a mobile educational demonstration unit that mimics the commercial system but fits on a trailer. This demo system allows a personal hands on interaction with the TimberFish Technology that illustrates its essential features and operation.

TimberFish is seeking to build and operate local commercial facilities to produce large quantities of seafood for the global retail market. Producing this food from forests and food wastes could resolve many of the issues raised in the recent IPCC report on Land and Climate Change. It also addresses the concerns that overfishing, climate change, and the continuing pollution of the oceans, are making seafood and the marine commodities of fishmeal and fish oil increasingly expensive and possibly unfit for future human consumption.

We cannot replace seafood, fishmeal, and fish oil with conventionally produced grains, fruits, and vegetables, because the land dedicated to existing food and feed production is already close to being maximally utilized. Creating a new food chain that is derived from forests and wasted food, and is not dependent on conventional agriculture or marine resources, resolves these concerns in a manner that benefits everyone.

TimberFish was incorporated in 2008 as a New York LLC. During the last eleven years our technology has been developed and tested and is now ready for rapid implementation in commercial facilities. We believe that humanity is at a crucial tipping point both economically and ecologically and so we are open to any alternatives and options as to how to use this technology for the benefit of the planet and future generations. We can offer experience in the design, engineering, permitting, construction management, operations, marketing, and branding of this unique “ecotechnology”. TimberFish is amenable to participating in joint ventures, partnerships, licensing agreements, sales of its technology, or other forms of cooperative collaborations.