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Monday, March 16, 2009

Feeding fish with the forest: What goes into the feed used to nourish farm-raised seafood remains a big issue for the industry to overcome as it moves toward more sustainable operations, and a New York-based company thinks it has a way to feed fish while using residues as a source of alternative fuels.

TimberFish Technologies has patented procedures that allow it to take forest plant material into microbes, which then are converted to fish feed free of contaminants that can be used as a substitute for plant and fishmeal and fish oil feed materials.

The residues from the plant material are a high-energy constrate that can be processed into transportation fuels, combustible gases and heat. Company President Aaron Resnick (pictured) says the process can revolutionize aquaculture by eliminating fish and grain as feed ingredients, requires no use of pesticides or cultivation of land, no clearing of forests, no use of existing food sources, and no discharge of polluted water.

As forest lands are re-established, Resnick says that will boost the sequestration of carbon, cutting down on global warming while also providing new forest habitat for animals.

The company is looking for aquaculture operations interested in conducting pilot projects with its feed.

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