Investor Section

TimberFish Technologies is incorporated as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of New York under the management of Jere Northrop and Jim Timlin.  It is headquartered in Westfield, New York.
TimberFish’s goal is to create an extensive sustainable new source of contaminant free seafood whose production is not dependent on current agricultural commodities (grains, fishmeal, fishoil, etc.).  The TimberFish process uses plant materials, such as wood chips, and nutrients, to produce seafood, proteins, clean water, renewable energy, and soil amendments.  There are no wastes.
The TimberFish business plan is to complete the commercial validation with the Demonstration Project, in conjunction with the Five & 20 Distilleries' operations in Westfield, New York. Then we will sell the company, or sell, license, or Joint Venture the technology, so that it can be effectively applied on a global scale.  We believe that the TimberFish process is a transformative technology that can evolve modern agriculture to a level where it will be able to feed current and future generations contaminant free food that is sustainably produced, while preserving natural biodiversity and habitat, and economically incentivizing reforestation and deforestation avoidance.
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